Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cabin Fever

What a horrible week of weather we had this week. It was so grey and rained almost all week.

I knew my enthusiasm for the change of season would waiver, I just did not expect it to be this quick!  As a consequence I had cabin fever. I found I  could not get out in the fresh air for most of the week and I do not do stuck inside all the time very well...

This coupled with no virtually no internet until last night drove me mad.
I say virtually cause I had a few sneaky peeks at some blogs at work (will probably be getting trouble for that next week)  and used my iphone data to access you by 3G, however that is really too small to use for blog, and other favourite internet site, browsing.
Needless to say I have missed visiting all of you and will be making up for it over the coming days : )

This afternoon we headed out into the sunshiney day to soak up some golden rays and breathe in the fresh air.

It was glorious.

Sometimes I love where I live xox


beautifully, suddenly said...

My enthusiasm for winter seems to last all of five minutes ... the rainy weather here is doing nothing to improve my mood right now!!

I'm glad that you managed to cure your cabin fever, though :) and I hope you don't get into trouble at work!

annelise said...

I always get so geared up for winter, thinking how great it will be to rug up in chunky knit beanies and wear boots and scarves blah blah blah. And then I get rained on once and it's all over, bring back summer immediately!

Cabin fever and no internet? Bugger that for a joke! A walk on the beach cures so much though, doesn't it? Looks lovely. I really love the footprints in the sand. Pretty photo.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

The weather was beautiful up my way.. until I mentioned it of course.. then the rain came down and hasn't stopped.. haha

Sorry to hear you've had no internet.. mine's been pretty lousy and I feel like I am on blog rations!!!

Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxxx Julie

lila Braga said...

hope the weather improves on your side of the world...the pictures are so cute!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Not having internet is so hard! I can barely go any time at all without it it seems. I hope you have more great weather soon!

Unknown said...

I love beach! I wish I could be walking there...
Nice images.

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