Wednesday, May 18, 2011

'Play is the work of children

it is very serious stuff' ~ Bob Keeshan

This weeks inspiration was Toys.  I immediately chose these two images. 

The first, represents for me, the reckless care free spirit of children playing. The abandoned toy left where it fell, as the child rushed off to play somewhere else. The other image captures to me the simple glee of the barefoot child playing in a pretty party dress on a sunshiney day xox


Unknown said...

Oh's a hard work..and i really adore looking at my serious little son while he's seems to me that nothing really matters to him but the playing itself...So lovely and clever way of living, uhm?!

Wander.Lust said...

oooh very nice pictures and a great description, hope you are having a lovely week. xoxo

Kristi said...

I love them both! They do capture childhood and play. I sometimes am bothered by all of the toys that I have to clean up in the house or outside but, I have to remind myself that I'm so grateful to have happy and healthy children who love to play. They're only little for so long. I'm leaning that all too well. Have a lovely weekend! xoxo,K

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Love the little barefoot image.. I miss that about childhood.. running around with no shoes..

Hope you have a carefree shoeless weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

Lynda and Jerry said...

I agree whole-heartedly... play is the work of children. I love your pics and certainly to love the little barefooted miss.

April said...

I love your pictures! Your words are a very apt description of childhood. They go barefoot from one toy to another without care. They are having fun and exploring. I love watching them play and wonder what their little minds are thinking about. Great job!

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