Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beautiful Eyes

So this is my nephew. How cute is he?! Those eyes. They are a beautiful brown.

This little cutie was born in London, last year.  He finally came to visit and I took some (ummm 500 + images over the short time he visited), photos of  him in-between the cuddles and play.

It was a lovely little blip in what has been about a two month break from my real camera.

Is it just me, or does the iphone and all those addictive little apps make our SLR's and all those lenses etc just seem like such a hassle?

When I read in my feed about this weeks subject, I immediately thought of these eyes.


Unknown said...

such a lovely little boy!!! sweet and congrats for the picture!!!

beautifully, suddenly said...

He is really adorable :) I would have taken 500+ photos too!

And yes, sometimes it is so much nicer to just grab the phone for a photo ... easier on my shoulder, too!

Robyn Buckingham said...

i love this!

Claudia Lane said...

a very cute little boy...a beautiful photo :)

Claudia xo

Wander.Lust said...

beautiful photo, he is so cute!

CV Love said...

Loving photo!!!

Punctuation Mark said...

he is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a precious moment in time you have here captured! This is one to save for his wedding day! lol

Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!

ciao bella

creative carmelina

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