Monday, February 20, 2012

Head versus Heart

I am terrible when it comes to making decisions. Not a good thing ever really.  Especially problematic being an almost  first time mum, when every day seems to bring a range of decisions that have to be made...

On the purchasing front it seems that this baby thing is a real 'business' (and I thought weddings were bad!) Too many choices, too many options for someone like me who can become paralysed with indecision...

Anyway, as you can see 'Souvie' is growing and time is running out, nothing much has been crossed off the big to do list we have. It seems like only yesterday we had ages and ages...

I have been struggling with some basic items like cot, car seat and pram. You see my head and heart are in constant battle over what to purchase.

My Heart says:

'Purchase the cot the Stokke Sleepi Mini' ' It is tooo cute!' (more like a bassinet but can convert to cot with additional purchase).

How cute is this?!   It is such an adorable little place for bubbas to rest, they look so snuggly.

I am smitten with it, but the Head says no.

You see, in order for it to be a cot you have to purchase an additional add on. And well the add on, adds up - so to speak!

The Head says:

'Be sensible'. 'be practical'. 'purchase the Ikea Gulliver Cot'.

Don't get me wrong I think this is also a cute cot. I love how it looks a little bit vintage  with it's flat rectangular shape and round poles etc.  It is just not as sweet as the mini sleeper... It is practical though, it coverts to a toddler bed and a junior bed without the need for additional purchases.

Anyway needless to say my head won and Souvie has a bed now, if nothing else. 

Regarding the pram and change table (and every thing else) I am still looking. Regarding the change table I had simply wanted to use a chest of drawers I am going to sand back and paint (yes that to do list is very very long!) however it is too high to use as a change table.

P.S  (My heart thinks that my head is just plain cheap!)


beautifully, suddenly said...

Hmm. I can see myself having these dilemmas someday in the future, too :) When my best friend and his wife had their little girl around six months ago, I remember almost keeling over when they told me the cost of all their baby-related things! The Sleepi Mini does look (and sound!) cute, but by the same token I also think that the Ikea cot is lovely - it's a classic style and you could always personalise it down the track.

Best of luck with all your looking - luckily we have the internet to narrow down our options without leaving the house (although sometimes it does tend to throw up a plethora of options to make choosing harder!). xox

The Moerks said...

too many choices. Oh well, it doesn't really matter in the long run. Once you lay eyes on your gorgeous baby you wont care as long as it is safe and comfy for your new darling. It is fun though, I loved shopping for my babies.

CV Love said...

What a beautiful belly! =)
Best wishes!

Daydream Living said...

Oh, I remember these decisions....when it comes to my kids I was like this, sometimes the beauty won over the practical but I have to say, things you use daily should be good, safe and easy to use. Some things I borrowed from family because you don't use it that long, other things I still have and am lending now to other new mama's.
And I don't know if I already said this, but
congratulations with your pregnancy! You look great, you sound like you are enjoying this time (because it flies so fast), good luck making a decision, hugs Maureen x
(btw, are you living near a beach?)

Unknown said...

First,the photo is divine. Love it so much.
And second, I like both cribs. But I hear you, too many choices out there.

Melissa said...

your heart is're head isn't *plain cheap*- it's just having to deal with so many new emotions...loves...& decisions....

Whatever that beautiful baby ends up slumbering in- you will love it more than you can ever imagine...

I can only suggest, after three gorgeous babies- that you buy what makes you heart and head happy- this is your baby and your do it your way....

Be practical- these things are used CONSTANTLY - but cool- these things are used CONSTANTLY! :)

That top pickie needs to be framed- divine!!

Melissa- Miss Sew & So

bron @ baby space said...

how gorgeous are you?!
I too can relate to this dilemma. my heart would have me spend squillions but the mr gets in my head and tells my head to tell my heart to just blog about it instead ;)

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