Sunday, October 2, 2011

C is for Cambodia it is also for...

True Inside. Beautiful Outside.

Some of the things that struck me the most, during our short visit to Cambodia, funnily enough all start with the letter C. (is that sesame street or play school I am channeling?!  the parents out there will be able to tell me.) Anyway back to the letter C.

C is for colour.

The colours! Everything was so vibrant, the bright orange of the Monks clothes, the  beautiful tropical flora the colorful houses and boats. It was so pretty.

C is for Children.

The children were beautiful.  Actually they are are very lovely people, the Cambodia people, not just the children. It is amazing the happiness that they exude,  given the tragic recent history.

C is for Crazy.

From the driving to the wiring to the live snakes around some children. Some times it was a bit, well, crazy!

C is for Contrast

Cambodia is such a contrast from the weather (sunshine one minute heavy rain the next, though to be fair, it IS the wet season I guess), to the very rich and the very poor... It was hard to see the circumstances that some people have to live in.

I could go on but I won't, here are some images. I still have not looked at all 2000 of them all yet! Why do I take so many?! Does anybody else have that problem?


Cobalt Violet said...

Great blog. What a beautiful post! Wonderful photos and yes, so much color & contrast!

annelise said...

Wow, they're all beautiful but the picture of the monk (?) in particular blows me away. Gorgeous.

Sounds like Cambodia is a great place to visit. Your pictures have made me so excited for my trip to Vietnam next year!

I hope the time away helped you find your lost mojo. x

Wander.Lust said...

your pictures are so beautiful really makes me want to go back to cambodia! and I totally agree with the C letters you choose for the country, the contrast, the colors and the children are all just so beautiful :)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey!! I was just on my way over to visit when your name popped up!!

These are such great shots!! gorgeous!!

I can understand the contrast thing.. third world countries do have that ability to amaze and shock at the same time

Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

bron @ baby space said...

Wonderful photos. Love your idea of making them into a little book too :) I'm inspired.

We took the teen and the preschooler on a little backpacking adventure last summer which included Cambodia and it was a really valuable experience for all of us. Loved seeing the monks everywhere. Will you post picture of the book when you finish it? I'd love to see!

Charlotta Ward said...

You take such beautiful pictures and I feel the emotions through the camera. Well done!

Cambodia is intriguing and definitely a place I wish to explore one day. Hard to do with young childen, but something we have discussed for the future.

Thanks for sharing your C's..

x Charlotta
Space for Inspiration

Tales of a Tai Tai said...

Wow - your photos are amazing! I'm yet to get to Cambodia yet (riduculous as I live in Hong Kong!) but can't wait. Have just discovered your blog and am your newest follower! Looking forward to reading more xx

koralee said...

Your images are stunning....I so would love to visit here one day. Thank you for sharing. xo

Alexandra said...

Wow these are amazingly gorgeous images!

Unknown said...

C is for "cuore"...the italian word that means "heart".
Your heart is inside your pics...

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Gorgeous photos! I have never thought of visiting Cambodia but after reading this post and seeing these pictures, I might have to see all this for myself. =)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Amazing photos!!! The colors in these photographs are incredible!

Georgianna said...

Hi Tam, Stunning images! It's marvelous that you can find a common denominator to catalogue them by. Otherwise, it can be very overwhelming to begin organizing so many images. I do try to take one "theme" or event at a time.

Have a great weekend. – g

Vale ♥ said...

These pics are so amazing ! Some friends of mine went to Cambodia and they said it was the travel of their lives, so beautiful and full of poetry ! Thanks for sharing this ! Kisses

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Caroline said...

Wow wow wow...these photos are just amazing!

Punctuation Mark said...

such beautiful images... your images are gorgeous!

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