Saturday, May 12, 2012


Sorry for that temporary break in transmission. Last posted back in March. March!!! Good grief.

The lovely Annelise left a message recently asking if Souvie was here yet. I wish!

Souvie is doing great, 37 weeks and 3 kgs (oh my god!). We remind little Souvie each night we are ready (even though we are not!) as we would like a little newborn cuddle like yesterday!!! We are sick of looking at the empty cot.

Finished up work last Friday, and to be honest, have been so slack this week. Had loads of things on the old 'to do list' for this week. Oh well...

Will share Souvie's little space soon. I thought I would pop in to say hello and to also mention this lovely product we have chosen to use for Souvie's nest.

The Cocoonababy.

image from here

As I mentioned previously, we are having a cot instead of a bassinet for the little one's bed, however we have purchased the Cocoonababy to put in the cot for the early months.

The lovely Marie from PacifiCare has all the details on this product here.  Such a wonderful pressie for an expectant mummy. We loved the idea it was developed by doctors in France and it is such a cosy little place for a newborn. The fitted sheet is so soft (organic cotton) you can also purchase the super soft sleeping bags (we have one of those for Souvie too).  The basic idea of the concept is that the newborns are coocooned like they were in the womb, so they settle and sleep, well, like a baby! Here is hoping that Souvie does just that.

Anyway back to the nesting xox


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