Saturday, May 26, 2012

Souvie's Nest

I thought I would share the little space we have created for Souvie, while we continue to wait for his or her arrival.

We originally thought we would have Souvie in the corner of our room. A simple little space with a cot, chest of drawers/change table. The chest of drawers we found and reworked turned out to be impracticable to use as a change table, too high and narrow. So we ended up purchasing a change table. Soon I had put pretty paper in frames and sourced some vintage finds like a rocking chair and before we knew it we were in the corner of our room and Souvie's Nest was where we used to be!!!

Souvie's Nest.

I guess it is another example of how,  even before Souvie is here, Souvie is influencing our lives and changing our priorities and letting us know in subtle and not so subtle ways that life is going to change. Big Time!!!

As I have previously shared we decided on a cot from Ikea with the Cocoonababy  for Souvie's bed rather than a bassinet.

Some little friends to keep Souvie company while it is in the Cocoonababy and the cream blanket given to my Husband by his Nan when he was a baby. The red stripe blanket under the Coconababy is a beautiful blanket which I will reverse when Souvie is out of the Cooconababy made by Cherish.

Above the Cot we hung some frames I filled with pretty wrapping paper, a print we made and two plates by Chik. The yellow 'you are loved' decal is from Wanderlust. We also hung a floating shelf we purchased from a hardware store to place some old teddies of my sisters and a frame with a lovely print by Nicoletta Ceccoli. All to watch over Souvie.


I sourced a rocking chair from an op shop which will be useful for reading time. The Doily mat is from Henna's Boutique.  The cushion from Freedom Furniture and the stuffed toy is a gorgeous Dotty Dog.

The Change table we settled on was the Stokke Care System. The quality of it has been disappointing for such an expensive brand. Hopefully it will be practical and we will get good use out of it.

The chest of drawers I have shared previously. On top is a cute puppy dog vintage bookend I sourced locally. The grey elephant is a souvenir which we purchased from Artisans d'Angkor while in Cambodia last year. The cute paper clouds are from Concrete and Honey. The Cloud mirror is one of my vintage mirrors. The fun letter press blocks are from the Drill Hall Emporium.

We think it is a lovely little space for our Souvie, the tones are very calming. We just need Souvie to hurry up!!! xox


beautifully, suddenly said...

It is beautiful and perfect. What a gorgeous place for Souvie to come home to :) xox

annelise said...

So lovely! It looks so serene. I can't wait to hear about Souvie's arrival!

Henna said...

The room looks beautiful! Thank you so much for mentioning my doily rug!!!

Unknown said...

This is so beautiful! I would love to have a serene room just like this one.
Can I share some of these photos on my blog?

Test said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

Unknown said...

Just came by to say that I've posted some of these photos on my blog today. Thank you.

bron @ baby space said...

gorgeous tam! so serene. and that doily rug is to die for.

CV Love said...

So beautiful room! =)

Allana said...

What an absolutely dreamy space - well done! The chest of drawers looks perfect even if it wasn't how you originally intended. I was so surprised to see my Dotty Dog warming your rocker - thankyou so much for featuring her in such a beautiful setting! :) xx

Cat said...

I've just popped over from Allana's blog and just had to say that I think that the room you've created for your baby is just beautiful.

Cat said...

I forgot to say congratulations on the birth of your new baby daughter. x

Andrea said...

A very lovely space! So much gentleness in there. Our little ones room is considerably more cluttered- still have all my childhood teddies plus he has his own.

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