Monday, May 21, 2012

Upcycling an old chest of drawers (peek at Souvie's Nest)

Today I thought I would share another project that we worked on recently.  An old chest of drawers that was 'repaired' to become a serviceable storage space for Souvie.

The thing probably should have been thrown out, Mr replaced the back and all but one of the drawer bottoms...

Here is what it looked like before (please excuse the bad image)

After much sanding,  painting (Antique white USA Dulux on the frame and legs) and our own mix (a 1/4 of a sample pot of French Grey Dulux and a touch of Antique White USA for the drawers) add new handles it is good to go.

The thing about a chest of drawers is the top is a ready made space for some lovely baby clutter.

I think it is cute, Mr did good. What do you think?



The Moerks said...

Absolutley gorgeous. Well done.

Test said...

It looks fantastic!!!

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