Sunday, July 15, 2012

My new job

I cannot  believe the precious little one is 5 weeks already?!

Life these days involves long hours at the new 'job'.  Motherhood has definitely been a full on roller-coaster of a ride thus far.  It has been hard but is so very special and the most rewarding job I have ever had.

I have traded the old office equipment (lap top, printer, fax and photocopier) for change table, nursing chair and washing machine. I have traded the endless meetings and phone calls for 24/7 cleaning and feeding.

Luckily I am completely smitten with my new 'work' colleague and we get to have lots of cuddles and kisses on the job!



Allana said...

5 weeks already! Wow, it sure goes quickly doesn't it! She is so precious :) It sure is a challenging but rewarding "job" isn't it xx

Tammy at The Drill Hall Emporium said...

Little Rose Florence is adorable, you must be really enjoying this time with her. And I love the name, too.

Thank you for the link to The Drill Hall Emporium in one of your previous posts, the printers blocks look great in the nursery!

Until next time, Tammy

ally said...

Gorgeous photo...and super adorable name
I think you'll love this new job for years to come

Caroline said...

What a beautiful photo...she is an angel. Your new job is a tough one...take naps when she does! And enjoy all the little moments along the way.

Andrea said...

Indeed it is a whole other world this new job!! Congratulations. Lovely name by the way

Belle Inspirations said...

Congratulations! she's just Beautiful,enjoy your new oh so precious bundle of joy xx

Test said...

wishing you tons of happiness and health... congrats!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Huge, huuuuuge congratulations on your darling baby! Isn't she a complete cutie?

Our baby is fourtenn weeks now. I am just loving every second of these baby days!


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